RippleWorks in Action: 4 Leading CEOs Share What Is Sparking Growth Curves In Teams

Thousands of miles from Silicon Valley, the world’s most inspiring entrepreneurs are building the next generation of companies that are changing the world.

Mission-driven innovators are well on their way to tackling the world’s toughest challenges — everything from technology-driven affordable healthcare to mobile technology that unlocks financial services in underserved communities.

Four CEOs of such leading social ventures share how their teams have transformed as a result of working alongside a RippleWorks Expert on a short-term, high-impact project.

Raising the bar for product development to unlock access to healthcare in Brazil

dr.consulta CEO Thomaz Srougi

dr.consulta provides access to high-quality healthcare for all Brazilians through its efficient medical centers, sophisticated data analytics, and smart use of technology.

The Expert: Neil Day, Principal, Coffee Technologies at Blue Bottle, former CTO of Shutterfly and SVP Engineering of Walmart

The Project: Increase development production velocity and adopt best practices to scale dr. consulta’s product.

Working with Neil, dr.consulta established a product management process to submit new product enhancements, developed a team view of staffing to ensure optimal throughput of the technology team, and created documentation of the technology system to onboard and train new developers faster.

“This gave us a level of confidence that we were looking for. It sent a message that we needed to improve, to perform faster and with more quality. This was powerful for the team.”

— dr.consulta CEO Thomaz Srougi

Sparking growth curves in the up-and-coming team that is redefining African higher education

RippleWorks Expert Brett Browman (second from the left) with members of the ALU team

African Leadership University (ALU) is developing the next generation of African leaders by building 25 new universities across the continent that leverages technology, peer-to-peer learning, active employer engagement, project-based learning, and a focus on skills development.

The Expert: Brett Browman, Head of Paid Marketing, OpenDoor, and former Director of Paid Marketing, Square

The Project: Design and execute digital marketing activities to attract students to the ALU 2016 application process, while building digital marketing systems to scale.

Working with Brett, the ALU team increased its SEO ranking and lowered its Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) per application, leading to 500 new applications.

“The team got to practice on a project within marketing, and they continue to implement what they learned in similar projects on their own, now on a larger scale.

“This sparked a growth curve in our team, and we look forward to seeing the long-term impact of that.”

— ALU CEO Fred Swaniker

Transforming critical recruiting strategies to empower financial transactions across Africa

Members of the Zoona team

Zoona leverages mobile technology and an agent network to enable financial transactions for underserved customers in Africa.

The Expert: Mike Starkenburg, CEO, The Starkenburg Group. Investor, Executive Mentor, & Recruitment Advisor for multiple venture-backed startups.

The Project: Define the requirements of Zoona’s first CTO role to help the leadership team effectively recruit the right candidates and assess potential fit.

Working with Mike, Zoona created a strongly defined job description and executed a more focused, thorough interview process, leading to Zoona successfully hiring its first CTO.

“We’ve now standardized the process for how to recruit top management hires. We’ve learned a lot of lessons from this project, so that anyone who is a key hire, there needs to be a clearly defined role, like how we defined this role at the beginning.

“We’ve absorbed that into our DNA.”

— Zoona CEO Mike Quinn

Empowering an Indonesian startup to scale its reach of financial services

Ruma CEO Aldi Haryopratomo and RippleWorks Expert Mike Starkenburg (right)

Ruma combines technology with the trust and convenience of local community leaders to deliver financial services to low-income communities in Indonesia.

The Expert: Mike Starkenburg, CEO of The Starkenburg Group. Investor, Executive Mentor, & Recruitment Advisor for multiple venture-backed startups

The Project: Develop Ruma’s plan forward for its technology architecture and tech organizational design to improve product roadmap, tech stack, and org structure.

Working with Mike, Ruma was able to ensure that its infrastructure successfully managed high order volume. Ruma has now drastically increased warehouse, logistics, and shipping capabilities, and increased discipline and velocity of software development.

“As the project was going on, it was a comforting experience that gave us the confidence to pursue decisions that we wouldn’t have gone after ourselves.

“After Mike left and we continued working, the structure gave us the ability to speed up a lot and get to where we wanted to go.”

— Ruma CEO Aldi Haryopratomo

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